More About Moe

Since we’ll all be hanging out for three weeks in three months I thought I’d share a little more about myself since most of you are strangers. Strangers for now that is, soon we’ll all be BFF!

My wife Emily won’t make the trip because of that awesome baby you see above. She is our first child. We looked into the logistics of hiking across Britain with a 6 month old and Emily made the call that she’d support me from the couch on this one. She won’t be bored though. We have multiple family members from around the country visiting her while I’ll be hiking and then we’re planning a family trip later in the summer.

I’m sure I’ll have tons of really interesting stories for you on the trail. Let me get you prepared. Our child likes to have the hickups. She smiles when you touch her cheek. She is now very good at tracking mommy and papa’s voice with her eyes. She likes it when papa does his special burping technique. When she’s hungry she will cry until mommy snuzzles with milk (papa is not so interesting when she’s hungry). Her eyelashes have grown out. When she poops in her diaper she likes to hold just a little back for the new diaper. And the list goes on…

In other news I’m running a kickstarter for an electric spinning wheel I’ve made. You should totally watch the video that my wife and I made about it here. I’ll have some fun stories about that kickstarter experience for the trail.

That’s enough for now. See you in Saint Bees!