Benj Lipchak is turning 40, and he’s taking it in stride.

On the 6th day of June in the year of our lord 2015, Benj is not leaving things to chance. If careless, he’s bound to purchase a motorcycle, find religion, or have a meaningless affair with Tina Fey, any of which his wife, Jessica, would not abide. Except perhaps the affair with Tina Fey.

To deliver him from temptation, Benj has assembled a dubious band of walkers. (Not that kind of walker!) These are Wainwright Walkers who intend to cross Northern England coast to coast in 16 days beginning on the morning of June 6. Surrounded by like-minded travelers through space and time, Benj will be safely ushered across the threshold of middle age, and hopefully coached along the way about the many benefits of AARP membership, calcium supplements, and estate planning by his elder comrades.

Join us here as we plan and then finally embark on our journey.

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192 miles coast to coast on the Wainwright Walk, providing safe passage for pebbles across Northern England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea