Google’s Coast to Coast Directions

I asked Google to route me from St. Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay with stops in each of the towns we’re staying in.  About half way through I realized not enough of the Google Map team members have done this hike.  They didn’t allow me to add every town to one map!!  So I had to break it into two maps.  Bummer.  Still it’s pretty cool.

I’m sure this isn’t the final route we will take, but it is the Google route.  They said it is 172.4 miles and would take 60 hours of hiking.  Since Benj said it’s 192 in his introductory post, I imagine we’ll be taking a few scenic non-Google approved “Moe-cuts”.  And I’ll need to do some extra summits.  (I did mention how I love high things, right?)

Anyways, here are the maps:

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  1. Maurice did, actually! I cross-post all blog entries to my Twitter & FB feeds, regardless of who writes them. I’m making more Twitter noise in a few weeks now than I have in a few years.

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