The Brits!

Hi There. Peter and Jane Mellett here. We got involved with this trek via Laura, who I think is a friend of Benj’s mother. Laura and I go back 30 years!

We are fairly regular walkers – that and swimming. So we already have the boots fairly well worn in. We have done hill walking for a week at a time, but the challenge for us will be to keep up the pace over 16 days. Just hope the feet and joints can stand it. I have a 20 mile walk scheduled to do at the end of the month – just hope I don’t end up like Laura! That is absolutely my limit for a day, and it is all up and down too, so good practice for Yorkshire. I believe the longest stretch we have to do is 17miles, but that one is also a slog.

Pete and I were also walking up in the North York Moors recently with a mate who is a Ranger there. He may well join us for the last bit of the walk if he can co-ordinate things. The scenery there was quite stunning – glorious heather moors – though full of grouse and pheasants for the main cash crop up there, alas. However, it is not a wilderness – nothing in the UK really is. We are a very small island. So you folk from the States should do this standing on your heads.

And finally – my mum came from near Scarborough and played on the moors as a child. It was always my hope to go to Robin Hoods Bay for my honeymoon. Unfortunately it had a habit of falling into the sea, so I settled for going to Nigeria to work instead! I think there is a logic in that.

One thing we need to say now is the fact that Laura offered us this trip to distract us and give us something to look forward to. Our son Paul died rather horribly this year and we shall be walking with you all on the anniversary of that period. It will be good to have the hills and the winds to blow it all away.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

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  1. Pete and I recently had a delightful evening at Laura’s where we met up with Benj and discovered the true purpose of this walk we are doing…….”It is a pub crawl”!!!!!!!.
    We had come armed with some bottles of locally brewed real ales, only to find that Benj had come from the States with 3 times the number of bottles of special beers from the USA! This synchronicity had to mean only one thing…….!
    So, having brought our intentions down to size, we committed Laura to joining us on a regular basis for training walks from now till next June.
    This week I received a package of Coast to coast maps which I got on special offer from Ordnance Survey. It allows us to get a sense of the terrain that we have ahead of us. Meanwhile, Laura has sent us someone’s blog which indicates the reality that we must be prepared for some times of non-stop rain, poor visibility and bad signing to complicate the length of a days walking. We are most unlikely to get another summer like this year.
    So, the blog Laura gave me to read is here :-

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