Harry catching air

Boat ride & Midsummer

Water Taxi Catch & Eat

On Thursday we went to the water taxi, put on a giant water-suit, got into the taxi, and started going to the restaurant.

Water suits
Sarah with an H and I are nice and warm in our water suits!

The water was very choppy so we went flying. We caught two things on that boat: fish and air.

Rainbow choppiness
When we go flying, we make rainbow choppiness.

When we got to where we could see the restaurant, we were heading straight toward a rock! Just in time, we stopped and the boat driver, Snowflake, pulled out some fishing thingy. He showed us how to use it. He caught a fish. Dad caught a fish. Sarah caught a fish. And I caught two fish.

5 fish that we caught
We caught 3 cods and 2 red fish.

When we got to the restaurant, we saw the chef cut up the fish. He gave us white things from the head of the fish.

White thingies from the fish heads
The chef pulled these out of the fishes’ heads and gave them to me for jewelry or decorations.

On our way back the water was really choppy. It made my butt hurt.

New People

Sarah with an H

Sarah with an H
Sarah with an H smiles again.

33 years

Slow hiker/quick runner/???? boater


Snowflake caught the smallest fish.

22 years

???? hiker/????? runner/good boater

National Friday

Today is midsummer, the longest day, and we met Sarah at Café Esmeralda. Me and dad told Sarah about geocaches and we left to get one. Then we went and joined a silent parade. Next we watched a short concert. Then we went to eat. Then we went to the island to get another geocache.

New People


Andrea is from Alaska.

33 years

???? hiker/???? runner/???? boater

10 thoughts on “Boat ride & Midsummer”

  1. Harry, the boat ride sounds like the coolest thing ever! How did the fish taste? Love all your blog posts. I was so glad to talk to you tonight! Love and miss you so much! 😘

  2. Harry you are a very good writer. The way you described everything that you are doing makes me want to be there with you. I can’t wait until you write more I’m really enjoying reading all your blogs. This is Auntie Angie by the way. Harry I love you very much. Tell Dad I said hi.

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