Mud Exposed at Low Tide

Mud Exposed at Low Tide

Day 5’s hike, 10 miles from Chollerford to East Wallhouses, was our smoothest and easiest yet. Maybe we’re just getting good at this, but we’re estimating our arrival times within minutes.

Other than 10 minutes of rain this morning, the only annoyance out on the trail was me to Seth, courtesy of my Duolingo Spanish audio lessons. Whenever I caught up to within earshot of him, Seth would hear something random like, «Un sándwich con carne pero sin tomate, por favor.» Or «Yo necesito un boleto de autobús a la Ciudad de Morelia. ¡Muchas gracias!»

In lieu of your regularly scheduled green grass, blue skies, gray wall, white sheep, and cow-colored cows, I bring you a selection of notable signs from my journey. «¡Disfruta!»

I began my Hadrian’s Wall journey visiting Laura at Polokwane. She and MA grew up together in South Africa, and our families have stayed tight through the decades. Or I guess through the millenia?! She packed me enough trail snacks to last all 84 miles. 🥰
This represents 99% of the signs we see, enabling hiking auto-pilot mode.
Yet somehow Moe misses every one of these.
I only took 3 years of Latin, but I’m pretty sure it says, “Good luck with that.”
The sign is extra funny, since nothing has ever happened in Once Brewed, on any date.
And yet also no guns to shoot them down? How do they expect to maintain any semblance of law & order in this country?!
This art installation was about as subtle as an Andorran duty free shop. But I loved it.
Bibby is the surname of the English branch of my family tree. These are my people!
Camouflaged for their amusement?
When water reaches this point, don’t trust this water-damaged waist-high sign!
I’ll leave you with that image. «¡Adios!»

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  1. The very visible bright colored art immediately reminded me of a mosh pit I saw at Woodstock. I wasn’t there during the actual Woodstock days but I can easily imagine it.

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