Day 1: Lonesome Lake

Today we hiked up the Cascade Brook Trail from the Flume parking lot just south of the Franconia Notch visitor’s center. It was a great trial run of my ~45 lb. pack. Why so heavy? Over 4 liters of water in CamelBak bladders, my camera (+ 16-35mm lens), tripod, lunch/snack food for 9 days, iPad and 2 iPhones, 2 i.Sound battery bricks to recharge the electronics, 3 pairs Wright Socks, 2 pair Give-and-Go underwear, 2 shirts, shorts, convertible pants, fleece, rain/wind jacket, silk sleep sack, TP + trowel, and misc. other minor items.

We made it up in about 3.5 hours, including a generous lunch break and plenty of photo ops along the way. Emily named my trowel “Debbie” and we decided that our euphemism for taking a shit in the woods would be “taking Debbie out to stretch her legs.” My mother-in-law Debbie should be advised that I had no part in naming this trowel. I was happy to just call it the Shit Shovel.


3 thoughts on “Day 1: Lonesome Lake”

  1. So glad that you cleared up the reference to Debbie! LOL! I’d be really hurt if not. Now, that being said. Have a fantastic time! So happy for you being able to do this. I know that you will enjoy it! Love you!

  2. Looks like it’ll be an awesome time. I’ve added you to my feed reader so I’ll be following along. Curious to compare your adventure blogging/field report experience to mine from a couple years back.

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