freeze-dried ice cream sandwich

Day 2: Greenleaf

Yes, the AMC ran out of creativity when naming this hut. It would be generic enough if they just named it “Green Hut” or “Leaf Hut.” Why not insult us all and combine the two? Ohhhh, the green leaf. Thanks for supplying that detail.

After hiking down from Lonesome Lake and picking up Laurie at Lafayette Campground we decided to divert from the AT in order to take the more treacherous but scenic Falling Waters trail up to Franconia Notch.

Falling Waters (B&W)

Falling Waters (color)

Falling Waters group shot

Sick of falling water yet? The trail selection may have paid off, but it also wiped us out. Emily supplied freeze-dried morale.

freeze-dried ice cream sandwich

We made it to 6pm sharp dinner after 6pm, but the Hut Croo hooked us up anyway. And here’s what we have to look forward to in the coming days… Mt. Washington awaits us in the distance.

Mt. Lafayette Summit

UPDATE: I’m on the third bunk of a triple, and there’s not enough ceiling clearance for me to cross my ankles while I sleep. The AMC will hear from me about this! Jessica would be so pissed if she knew.

6 thoughts on “Day 2: Greenleaf”

  1. Wow! Beautiful photos. But all those mountains in the distance sure don’t change my mind about staying home with the kids! Felicity has been telling everyone that her Daddy is in the mountains for a week and he’s sleeping in a carriage. I can’t figure out what “carriage” is supposed to be but she keeps asking which one you’re staying in. Any ideas?

  2. She asked me if I’d be sleeping in the grass. I told her I’d be sleeping in a cabin, a new word for her? I bet you could find the huts pretty easily with Google Earth or a regular map…

  3. This was my hardest day. I remember Benj promising once we got to the ridge it would be easy. I seem to remember 3+ hours of pain on the ridge, but it was the good pain…

    I was glad Laurie joined us on this glorious day, especially when she shared her ice cream sandwich with us!

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