The Circle of Life

Somehow I’ve forgotten to mention one of my favorite things about this trip: being serenaded awake at 6:30am by singing hut Croo. On the first morning it was Indigo Girls’ I Could Go Crazy on a Night Like Tonight, and I’ve been in love with the Croo co-eds ever since. (Fear not, Wifey, I’m 15 years past being interesting to them.) Once there was guitar accompaniment, and at Mitzpah it was just a fiddle melody (played by hutmaster Anna), but usually it’s a capella.

This morning as an extra treat we had a 5:45am fire alarm. It stopped after a couple minutes while everyone was still sitting up in bed wondering if it was for real. I preferred waking up again 45 minutes later to The Circle of Life (think Lion King) sung in multi-part harmony.

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