How to anger the mountain gods

Another long day on the trail (from Bampton Grange), another long night at the pub (in Orton), another short blog post.  I think a bullet list of random thoughts — not unlike the headlines at the Shap co-op, where we also bought random lunch items — is warranted.

  • I’ve hiked over 71 miles in the 6 days so far.  Some Pebbles have opted for alternative trails (or even boats, buses, and hitch hiking) at various stages, but then Wainwright himself took a lot of buses, too.
  • Eric stayed in the room that Wainwright slept in for 40 years at the Water View Inn in Patterdale.  Eric claims to have slept through any ghostly visits, but I don’t think we’re getting the full story.
  • Ealish’s father, Charles, will join us in Kirkby Stephen tomorrow, after being delayed by some unavoidable work in the Middle East this week.  He is fashionably late, but now the party can start!
  • Seth worked crowd control as we crossed a pasture full of cows and calves (and one white bull with giant nads) that had blocked our exit from said pasture.  The bull hid himself in the center of the herd, trying to go unnoticed by us, while one of the more curious cows came up close to check out my camera.  Only after we were all safely over the stone wall did the bull come out of hiding and show that cow the back side of his pimp hoof.  He was seriously pissed at her for coming over to say hi to me!
  • There was a treasure chest of refreshments, a sort of honor bar for hikers, at the entrance to Shap Abbey.  I got my drink on (a £1 Strongbow cider) earlier than ever this morning, and in the heat I really felt it!  Buzzed but still able to navigate…
  • I can’t say Shap except in my “Shaft!” voice.  You’ll have to ask the other Pebbles if it’s getting annoying yet.  …  Shap!
  • I had a lot of time to practice the guitar today while waiting for he group to recollect.  I also got sunburned a bit on my knees and arms.  Did I mention this is the best string of gorgeous weather ever experienced in Northern England?  (By me at least.  Everything else is irrelevant.)  This weekend we may get to see what it’s supposed to be like up here.
  • I ate a Terry’s chocolate orange for lunch.   Despite the thousands of exercise calories burned every day, I’m still gaining weight, I just know it.  It’s the over-sized breakfast, normal lunch, après-walk beers, and pudding that seem to be implicated.
  • There is no end to how cute lambs are.
  • Boobs do not anger mountain gods.  But maybe they better caught your attention than a photo of more sheep?

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