Well equipped by my personal outfitters

We made it to Kirkby Stephen today, 7/16 of the way to the east coast, and where Ealish’s father, Charles, joined us.  Starting tomorrow morning we need to have our suitcases packed and ready for pickup by 8:15am instead of the usual 9:30+, so I need to go to bed and wake up early!  But I did want to give a shout out to my personal outfitters for this journey.

Harry and Felicity provided me with the following items for my birthday to ensure my success on the trail:

  • compass, green, leaf-shaped
  • flashlights, LED, assorted colors
  • length of rope, black
  • journal, with pre-written prompt

Our innkeeper in Patterdale told us about his daughter, Rachel, who has hiked the C2C three times, first at age 7.  I think it’s too much to ask that my children be as passionate about hiking as I am, but I do hope we’ll share some hobby that brings us together like Ma (their Nanny) and I are now.  In the meantime, they’re so sweet for supporting me in my hobby.

I love you, kiddos!  xoxox

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