Nuanneq naapillutit, Nuuk, Greenland!

Halló, welcome to migratory pebbles! Recently me and Benj went to Logan Airport and we flew to Reykjavík. Then we went to a hotel and watched four episodes of STRANGER THINGS. The next day we went to a tiny airport in Reykjavík and flew to Greenland. It was so snowy that it reflected the sunlight into my eyes, and you couldn’t close the window. Then we went to Nuuk and took a taxi to our hostel.

On the way to Logan Airport we stopped at REI and got these cool (actually pretty warm) waterproof hiking shoes. I also got zipper leg hiking pants/shorts.

New boots
I got these waterproof shoes at REI.

6 thoughts on “Nuanneq naapillutit, Nuuk, Greenland!”

  1. Great first blog post, Harry! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip! Those shoes look like they are great for climbing! Miss you so much! Love, Mom!

  2. Harry, Those look like great shoes for treading carefully in the strange alphabetic landscape of Greenland! It looks like someone tripped and fell while carrying a jar full of extra AA’s, UU’s, and NN’s, and they all fell on the map of Greenland!

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