Harry’s 1st iceberg jump

Qasigiannguit Island hike

Halló, recently Benj and I explored an island called Qasigiannguit Nuuat. First we had to wait for the tide to go down so we could get there.

Then we went to the weird stones that looked like they used to be a Minecart track.It lead us to a lighthouse looking thing I saw from the hostel. From the hostel it looked 4 feet tall but when we hiked to it we found out that it was more like 7 feet tall. When we walked past that, we saw a plastic bin with rocks in it. We walked even further on the island and saw a giant iceberg offshore.

Then we went down to the shore and saw another iceberg (see next paragraph). Then on our way back we did some parkour over the rocks.

The Iceberg Climber

I climbed 2 icebergs.

1.tiny, tall, dry…ish

Iceberg 1

2.large, pointy/smooth, sopping wet

Iceberg 2

7 thoughts on “Qasigiannguit Island hike”

  1. “I climbed 2 icebergs!” That is not something that most people will be able to say in their entire lifetime. I’m so happy for you and your Dad having these great adventures together!

  2. Hallo, Harry! What a cool adventure on the icebergs! I’ve never even seen one in person nevermind climbed on it! I am missing our snuggles! I hope we can FaceTime soon! Love you sooooooooo much! Love, Mom!

  3. Hey Harry! What do you think the bin with the rocks was all about? I’m so psyched that you got to see and climb icebergs. Tell Benj I said hi! Have fun and keep taking awesome pictures.

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