Iceland tour day 3: South Coast

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

T pose

Here all we did was hike behind the waterfall.

Skógafoss waterfall

My head is a pot of gold!

Here we hiked up about 💯 flights of stairs to get to the top of the waterfall. Then we hiked back down and took a shower. 🤣🤣🤣🥶🙁🙂😀

The Diamond Beach


Here we just smashed icebergs.

Reynisfjara, the Black Sand Beach

Now… how do I get down?

Here we went to eat, after we ate we got ice cream. Then I climbed the stone pillars, then… we left!

DC-3 Plane Wreck on Sólheimasandur

I wonder where this plane goes?

At this location we went on a giant bus with giant wheels to get to the wreck. Then we took some photos, and went inside… the… um wreck? Then… as always I left and we ran 2 mi.

Owowowowowowowowowowowwowowowowow OW!

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