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Welcome to the Shitshow Roadshow!

No, you’ve come to the right place. This corner of Migratory Pebbles will chronicle the Lipchak/Sands 40 day road trip in a 25′ RV. Is it too many days, or too short an RV? Tune in here to find out which.

I’ll be joined by social media personalities Jessica, Felicity, and Harry of recent Greenland/Iceland blog fame.

Now study our intended route above to find out if the Shitshow Roadshow will be visiting a community near you!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Shitshow Roadshow!”

  1. I came soooo close to doing Glacier in an RV this summer. I really want to hear how this turns out!

    (We end up settling for Banff/Jasper in a rental car, so no complaints)

    1. I haven’t been to Banff yet, but I hear it’s gorgeous. And you were probably sleeping more comfortably and getting much better fuel efficiency. 😉 So far so good in the rental RV, the shitshow is off to a glorious start.

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