Family of 7

Day 4: Zealand Falls

The hike from Galehead to Zealand was pretty uneventful. The first hour was tough, straight up South Twin. The Family of 7 (those who adopted me at Galehead) gathered together for a group picture at the top.

I also got pictures of Josh with me and with his dad, Greg.



Then it was relatively flat for miles before descending into Zealand Falls. When I walked into the hut, guess who was waiting for me? Maurice and Emily!! They aborted mission on the way to Galehead, but after a night at the Wayside Inn they were fresh and ready to resume the trek.

Maurice and Emily at Zealand Falls


We took Josh up to the falls to take some pix and have some fun.


The three of us boys had a pact to go all the way in the freezing water on the count of 3. Guess who was crossing his fingers?

Benj and Maurice taking a dunk while Josh taunts us

We played some seriously long games of UNO with Josh, and before bed attended a Q&A session with 4 thru-bikers crashing for the night.

More Zealand Falls pix when I have downtime another day…

6 thoughts on “Day 4: Zealand Falls”

  1. Just so you don’t think you’re posting into empty space, reading every word and viewing all the photos. Loving the updates!! Go get that Mountain!

  2. So happy to know things are going well. You’re back with your posse but have met some great folks along the way. Its a win-win! Your Dad and I are following along each step!

  3. Zealand was my favorite hut! I’m a bit bummed about missing galehead, but we will be back. I suppose skipping that one was probably best. We were pretty beat up and probably would have been late for dinner. The rest of the trip probably appreciated that day off we took. Next time we do something like this we’ll need to prepare a little more…

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