Day 5: Mitzpah Spring

This will be a short post for two reasons. One, it was raining today so I kept my camera packed up all day. Two, I’ve spent all my blogging time adding to yesterday’s blog post.

I figured Jessica might be freaking out since I had been posting every day, and suddenly had no signal. (We had both been spoiled by my ability to connect miles into the wilderness.) So as soon as I got a signal this morning I texted her to let her know I was okay. I didn’t mention the Maurice/Emily homecoming surprise… I have to leave some excitement as an exclusive for the handful of blog readers!

We met up with Harrison at Highland Center. He had fruit coolattas for us, and I downed mine in less than 2 minutes. The whole thing, gone. This was Emily’s wish out of left field from the trail where we were hot and sweaty. Harrison delivered. Our hero! Also rejoining us was Laurie, and this time she brought her brother Kevin.

The hike up to Mitzpah took just over 2 hours, and it’s the biggest hut yet. We have our own bunk room that sleeps 8. As I write this, my 5 expedition partners have been sleeping/snoring for an hour already. I must join them!

One thought on “Day 5: Mitzpah Spring”

  1. Don’t forget to always have someone on carabiner watch! Thanks for thinking about me freaking this morning. I was plotting my search and rescue mission but now that you have a big crew, I think you just might be okay! Have fun!

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