Take care of nature

Nature preservation

You all know that nature needs to be preserved, here are some ways to preserve it:

Everything you bring to the trail should leave with you.

You shouldn’t try to feed wild animals because they may rely on humans for that food in the future. It’s similar to giving your dog a piece of meat from your plate during dinner. Do you think your dog will want to go back to eating dog food?

You shouldn’t venture off into other areas that are off the path. you risk damaging the plants of the surrounding area. Not only that, but just stepping off the trail can contribute to erosion. It will leave a beaten down path that will entice others to do the same.


Hiking safety

Here are some safety tips for hiking:

  • Never run on the trails, you may trip and get damage.
  • Bring a compass 🧭 and/or map 🗺 .
  • Don’t scare animals.
  • Don’t fill in holes.
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