Al Swearengen Would Hate This Place

Today’s travels took us to South Dakota!  

Benj and I were especially excited to visit Deadwood since that HBO show (and latest movie!) ranks right up at the top of all time for both of us.  And since we now have vast experience in this area, let us divulge the most important tips.

Step One:  Watch Deadwood ASAP!  Get a month free trial of HBO and binge it!  Suck up to a friend with HBO. Just do it already.  

Step Two:  Don’t ever bother visiting Deadwood.  Seriously. The reviews don’t lie. It’s a complete waste of time.  We didn’t listen and we’re idiots. Listen to us now.

We started off the day at Broken Boot Gold Mine which was mildly interesting.  We toured an old mine and the kids panned for gold which meant they found some gold flecks in a bag.  Meh.

(Is it me or does Felicity remind you of Jane Krakowski from the movie Vacation?!)

We then made the mistake of hiking uphill a mile in the hot sun (both ways barefoot in the snow) to the cemetery where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are buried side by side.  

Again, do NOT do this.  Take the tour bus that brings you there. I assure you, the kids will ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS. You will only be able to get them to continue with the promise of ice cream.

Finally, we watched a live “shoot out” put on by Deadwood Alive.  It was cut short and again mostly underwhelming.  

I know this blog sounds negative, but I’m here for truth telling.

And Deadwood gets two thumbs down from me.

Except her. She amused me for a minute.

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