RV Living: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

What may be surprising to many of you is that I love a lot of things about “campground camping.” I did a fair amount as a kid and this trip has reminding me of those!

First, the Good!

Campfires! No doubt about it! Thankfully Harry is my buddy in this. He offers to build a fire every chance we get. Thanks in part to the guidance of Grandpa Tom and Uncle Tommy this summer and a bit of assistance from Dad on the trip, he is getting pretty good at it!

Amenities! Especially showers and laundry facilities! Ugh, right? But it’s true! The picture at the top of this post of our RV parked at Elkhorn Ridge shows you how close we were to the laundry! It thrilled me to no end!

Also, many of the campgrounds we’ve stayed at so far have had playgrounds and pools! The kids love swimming and after a hot and miserable hike today (more to come on that!) I had to take a dip myself!

Games! We are a game playing family for sure! Though I will admit, we have not played as many as I would like. We just haven’t had a lot of down time! While I haven’t gotten anyone to play cribbage with me, we have played many games of Uno Dare recently. But the best game I am currently immersed in is LICENSE PLATES! After only a week, we have 41/51!

Will we get that elusive Hawaii??? Stay tuned!

Next: The Bad.

My Most Used Trip Phrases:

  1. “I’m going to lose my shit!”
  2. “Whose dirty socks are these?”
  3. “Go brush your teeth/wash your face!”
  4. “Get off your phone and go read a book!”
  5. “Shut the Door!” (well, that’s really Benj’s most used line…)

More proof that trips with your family are just a change in location.

And finally: The Ugly.

Please chime in!

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