Some Sobering History

We left Glacier at 7am for the long trek across Montana. We decided to get some learnin’ done on the way.

Our first stop was the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls, MT. It was mildly interesting but I was mostly distracted because Harry decided to do the Junior Ranger program. This meant running around the place finding answers to the bazillion questions in that damn packet and not really just enjoying the place. But that kid is cute so I did what needed to be done. He only needed to do 3 pages for the sweet badge but the nice lady said if he did all 6 pages he could go to the treasure box. Man, I wish I saw what was in the treasure box before we agreed. But hey, that extra hour was totally worth ANOTHER bookmark!

But wait it gets better…

Our next stop was the Little Bighorn Battlefield in Crow Agency, MT. It’s called a place of reflection for good reason. The movie they show does this weird thing of trying to remain fair and balanced. Sort of telling both sides of the story? I can only imagine how unbalanced it used to be! It was all just uncomfortable because this country was founded by stealing native lands. Maybe we should just all start owning that shit?

The silver lining about the day is realizing that the best way to change the future is to invest in our young people. We had the opportunity to talk with our kids about why we don’t take selfies in some places and educate them on what their history classes may not teach them.

Montana is beautiful and her land is sacred to its native people.

Thankfully, we ended the day at 7th Ranch RV Park. The kids do this thing at every campground. We arrive and they immediately run off to explore. It’s probably their way of getting out of helping with the camp set-up. But we don’t care. They get some exercise after a long drive and we get some peace and quiet. And they play. Together.

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