Goodbye, Montana! Hello, Wyoming!

Today’s adventures brought us into the Northeast corner of Wyoming for a quick minute! (Don’t worry, we will be back later!)

Wyoming knows what’s up with their state sign photo op locale! The hay bale is a nice touch!

Here’s a live trip report from the location!

As promised my fave photos are below…


Another interesting take from the day was that there could be a name change coming to Devil’s Tower to perhaps restore it to something closer to its intended name. The native name was misinterpreted as “Bad God’s Tower.”

After a nice walk around the base the kids wanted to switch to serious photo shoot mode. Anytime they agree on something, I’m down!

And finally, there will be a smattering of dance photos from our trip. I love taking pics of Felicity doing her thang and now we’ve got some really cool backdrops to boot!

Please chime in!

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