Glacier National Park: Most beautiful Place On Earth?

You guys.


I don’t even know how to convey this to you. But I’ll try.


We booked a full day Red Bus Tour to see a lot of the park. There are limitations on RVs in the park, not to mention scary roads so this was the perfect way to see a ton without worrying about driving or parking! If you are considering this, you must book in advance! Totally worth every penny! It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny day so we had no roof on our tour bus! That meant lots of prairie dogging for us!

With our tour guide Lauren who is pretty much the smartest person ever.

Our tour took us from East Glacier over to West Glacier and hitting up sites like Lake MacDonald and Logan Pass. I haven’t doctored one single photo and I still can’t believe they are real. I’ve never taken more photos in my life on any single day than this one. Here’s one of our girl!

And that hair. What I wouldn’t give!

Now the boy. In case you haven’t heard the story, five years ago we went to Yosemite National Park and 5 year old Harry almost fell off a cliff. He is notoriously adventurous much to the chagrin of the adults around him. I was hopeful that he would not give me a heart attack on this trip. We made it a solid four days before he did! Well done, son! Right before this photo was taken, he had hopped his butt up onto this railing. I swear, if he doesn’t off himself, I might have to do it for him! Good thing he is cute, because he is taking years off my life.

Adorable and DANGEROUS!

Speaking of cute: one of our tour mates took this sweet portrait of us four! Maybe one day I’ll get one of all of us smiling but it’s so, so, so close!

I was walking around in a shop halfway through our tour and I just started tearing up. I was so overcome with all of it. I wanted to buy gifts for everyone I know! It was really bizarre! It was how I felt when I saw the Oregon Coast. I’ve always wanted to go to Montana but this was just beyond my imagination. I kept thinking that my dad would really love it here.

The weather was nice and cool in the morning and gorgeous and sunny in the afternoon. So perfect! I think I see another Montana trip in my future!

Y’all. Glacier was so frickin’ beautiful. I don’t know what else to say. So please enjoy the shit out of this last photo and be glad I only posted eight! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Glacier National Park: Most beautiful Place On Earth?”

  1. Jessica – what a talent – give up the day job – you write with such eloquence and wit and your descriptions are stunning – I’ve just added Montana and Wyoming to our bucket list – keep on – keeping on…
    Laura. xx

  2. This is the best national park! It’s all down hill from this one, but I suppose it’s not much downhill so the rest of your trip should still be pretty fun.

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