Two Too Many?

As if one National Park wasn’t enough for one day, we had to squeeze in another! Thankfully the drive from Arches wasn’t too long and we landed ourselves in Canyonlands National Park!

I tried out a few panoramas here. I’m terrible at them (can anyone keep it on that line?) but I feel like they give you a better idea of just how vast these canyons are!

We decided to keep this one to a mostly scenic drive. It was really neat but hard to follow Arches for me. Especially in the same day. Harry had to quit on us.

We finally headed back to our campground (Dead Horse Point State Park) which is a site to see on its own and took one last shot at their view point.

It was a long, exhausting day so let me just give you a video recap of all my feelings, shall I?

Please chime in!

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