The RV Experience

OMG, we FINALLY watched the movie RV with Robin Williams. The kids had watched it with Mimi and Papa but Benj and I had not seen it. So flipping funny! And a completely stacked cast! We LOVED it!

As the days pass I collect some fun photos of just the random stuff that happens in and around the RV.

For example, some days we don’t see a grocery store for days and we’re forced to buy something extra crappy from the campground store for dinner.

Other days we treat ourselves to dinner out and some people order rattlesnake cakes for dinner!

Sometimes you stay at Wonderland RV Park and the neighbors’ dog just wants to eat you up…

and the horses visit your site!

Still other days, you sort through all the laundry quarters to find the ones for your national park collection!

But most importantly, sometimes the shitter is indeed full!

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