Underwater No More!

Today was one of those unexpected awesome days! As you can tell, we are mostly doing park highlights since we are trying to fit so much into this trip. We just haven’t scheduled a lot of time in each park so we have to pick a few small things to do at each one.

Today we took our RV into Capital Reef National Park!

Could the sky be any more amazing in Utah?

We set off on what has been one of the most unique hikes to date. Each of these parks looks completely different from the one before! We walked down into a canyon and the walls still look reef like millions of years later!

Felicity chased lizards and Harry and Benj explored nooks and crannies along the way.

Of course, what adventure would be complete without some kind of video!

We ended the afternoon visiting the Mormon settlement areas. We picked up some fresh baked sourdough and some adorable pies from the Gifford Homestead. Plus…

That’s right! Apple picking in Utah! These Ginger Gold were the perfect blend of sweet and tart! Two thumbs up from the whole gang! An epic day for sure!

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