Swimming in a Canyon? Check!

We drove into the Monument Valley area but man we were so whipped and little bit sick of each other that we couldn’t get it together to go on another excursion. But I assure you the scenery was amazing!

And the campsite we had at Goulding’s was unreal!

We also stopped in at Natural Bridges for a few beautiful views as well!

But the highlight of this post is where we went next! Keep in mind that it’s hot. And I don’t mean like “Oh it’s 80 degrees and it’s hot.” I mean like “It’s 100 degrees in Utah for days on end and this must be what the surface of the sun feels like.” hot.

So when we arrived to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and realized we could jump into Lake Powell, we were all a little bit too excited!

The water was perfection. We floated and swam and cooled down and rinsed off all the grime. Plus we had the spot all to ourselves!

And then Harry did like Harry does and hurled himself off the rock into the canyon water.

This experience will be one that will stick in our minds at the end for sure!

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